Who we are ?

International Legal Consultancy and Advocates Network “LINCA”  is one of the law firms that was established in the State of Kuwait depending on accumulated local and international experts and expertise for an over 25 years. LINCA’s head office is based in the United States of America, state of Michigan.

LINCA is founded as a voice for the voiceless that requested us to establish an international legal network, based in Kuwait with worldwide legal operations.

LINCA has a team of lawyers and legal consultants with a wide and distinctive experience in different fields of law whether inside or outside the State of Kuwait, in addition to that there is a team of researchers, legal translators, paralegals, and representatives of the courts and a unique administrative staff. All members of LINCA team have been selected carefully in accordance with LINCA terms and conditions through a multiple tests to ensure the quality of our legal services.

As a result of combination between LINCA team through its network, that enables LINCA to provide specialized legal services to their clients whether individuals or companies in many sectors such as:  Corporate and Commercial – Banking and Financial Institutions – Real Estate – Telecommunication – Labor and Employment – Insurance and Risk –Litigation and Arbitration.


” See ahead, through and beyond 

Most of people seek and refer to law firms to find an equity or a solution to their legal issues or to recover their stolen rights, but a few of them would refer to law firms to know their rights and obligations to seek protection before taking any action or decision that would avoid them losses and damages and this is known as measures of precaution. Medically commonly known “prevention is better than cure” and it is the same methodology that is followed by LINCA team where protection of the client is LINCA’s Priority and obligation.


“ LINCA is a bridge to equity & relief 

LINCA mission is to provide full range of legal services to its clients whether inside or outside the State of Kuwait through its widespread network in most countries in the world such as: USA – UK – Spain – Germany – Gulf Countries and North Africa.

LINCA mission is to provide personalized and efficient quality legal services to its clients.

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